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Leadership, Communication, and Motivation - Things you can learn from a Leader Dog

  • Tuesday, June 08, 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom


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Have you ever wondered how a Leader Dog knows whether a traffic light is red or green?  Have you ever considered how a dog can decipher a McDonald’s from a Burger King?  Or how these amazing guides know the difference between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 at Chicago O’Hare Airport?

  Today’s program will teach you and other professionals working in the business community foundational principles in leadership, management, communication, and team-building. The tools presented are based on traveling techniques a professional who is blind uses in his daily life as he walks alongside his guide dog.   The communication procedures their team uses to successfully cross busy intersections, find restaurants, and navigate bustling airports are the same techniques used by efficient and prosperous teams in the corporate environment. As the session progresses, you will see just how relevant these techniques are in your workplace and will learn how you too can successfully implement them in your daily lives as you advance in your career.  
  Presenter describes the principles of meaningful guidance, high value recognition, and introspective clarification, how they are used with his Leader Dog, and how the tools are used for highly effective leaders.   
As take-aways, participants will:     
(1)   Learn what makes Guidance meaningful, and how they can become masters at offering it to the people around them on a consistent basis.
(2)   How knowing what people value is essential when rewarding them, and participants will learn how best to Recognize their teams and offer impactful feedback
(3)   Learn how to correct behavior in a way the avoids confusion and results in a positive outcome.
  Presenter concludes the presentation with a final message to participants, advising them to move “forward.”  Every morning, he starts his day with the same command: “Forward.” The conclusion asks the participants to do the same. Begin their days at work, home, and in all parts of their lives, moving forward consistently with clear objectives centered on the tools presented today.
Richard Brauer is a celebrated motivational speaker and is the founder and President of Brauer Organizational Development Company (BRAUER-ODC). He is nationally recognized as a “high-content” presenter whose insights have been put into practice by private enterprises, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and influential associations. 
As the recipient of accolades from both the US and Kansas Departments of Labor, Richard has enjoyed a progressive thirty-six-year career with a global manufacturing organization working in the private company, corporate, and private equity ownership arenas and has held executive positions in the areas of Human Resources, Talent Management, and Organizational Development. Through the execution of introspective executive coaching and leadership development initiatives, he has inspired and orchestrated cultural transformations for companies engaged in plastic extrusion, aerospace, auto manufacturing, social media, software development, insurance, and professional sports industries, allowing those companies to enjoy the full potential of their human capital. 
In addition to the responsibilities associated with meeting the needs of the BRAUER-ODC clientele, Richard has presented over 350 keynotes, and delivers dozens of motivational seminars every year on the development of essential organizational programs, introspective leadership concepts, and effective workforce realignment strategies. His transformation concepts are based not on theory alone but on lessons learned as he fought to deny the adversity of losing his sight from inhibiting a successful career. 
Striving for that balance in life and understanding that success isn’t about what you have but what you give, Richard has had the honor of traveling across North America for the past twenty years serving, in his free time, as a spokesperson for Leader Dog For The Blind promoting social understanding and creating opportunities for those facing vision loss.
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